About Us

Our Vision

You can’t teach compassion, and that is what makes us SHINE! Jessica has a knack for working with Reps and Dealers about products in a way that is engaging and (sometimes) entertaining.


Our Story

Prior to 2015, Jessica’s product background centered around Aerospace and V-Twin motorcycles. Upon returning to RAM Mounts, she developed valuable relationships, crossing into metric bikes, ATV/UTV, marine, golf, and bicycle products. Since 2017, she has chosen her own Brands…That Shine.


In Her Own Words

“In the same relaxing way someone might greet their family as they stroll into the kitchen for coffee on a Saturday morning, this is how I feel about walking onto a convention room floor. I live for my industry and the people in it. I am energized by the opportunities to educate folks about my clients' products. I am equally enthusiastic about supporting Dealer sales and offering them samples because they ARE the backbone of our business. We rely on them to know what customers want.”