Hull Shield

Ultrasonic antifouling works in two ways. First by preventing attachment of new fouling to the surface of the hull. The second function is the disruption of reproductive and life cycles of organisms attempting to populate the surface. It’s important to remember that an ultrasonic system will not reverse existing fouling – the effects of ultrasonic antifouling are  preventative.

Implementation of Ultrasonic Antifouling

Contrary to audible sound waves which can travel great distances through the air, ultrasound is most effectively transmitted through rigid surfaces. Consider ground penetrating radar – ultrasound can be utilized to create mapped images of depths over 100 feet through solid rock. Likewise, the ultrasound produced by Hull Shield systems must be past directly into the surfaces that are to be protected. To do so, emitters are bonded directly to the hull surface at evenly spaced intervals. These emitters are connected to a fully automatic control unit that generates signals within targeted frequency bands.

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BluWater Polarized

Adventure on the water has always required the right equipment. Whether you’re cruising around the lake, settling into your favorite fishing spot, or just enjoying the sun, BluWater® Polarized has the eyewear that will enhance your outdoor experience. Our eyewear offers polarized lenses with unbeatable UV protection, Repelon™ lens coating and even frames that float.

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Innovv logo

​INNOVV™ was created by Rock Liu after he left the German luxury packaging company which has more than 150 years history for the high-quality design.

He knew that stylishness, elegance, innovation are rare and invaluable, and can bring pleasure to people for another 150 years or forever. So did he in powersports industry and established the INNOVV TECH.

Powersports are the activities for fun and joy which is from the bottom of heart, and INNOVV™ always follows that.

“It is the pleasure to own the products and share the wonderful moments on the roads with others.”—by INNOVV fans.

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