What They’re Saying

"Upon our initial communications Jessica stood out as a strong person with professional demeanor and an attitude that was engaging and enlightening. Combining this with Jessica’s knowledge of the power sports industry and contacts she has made..."

"...Our 1st year sales have exceeded our expectations and moving forward these will only grow..."

"...We were both happy with the arrangement and set a target to get a reputable US distributor to sell Lextek Products within 1 year and this is exactly what Jessica did...."

-Paul Wakely, Brand Manager, Lextek Motorcycle Products

"When we met at the Cincinnati V-Twin show several years back, you stood out with a strong, professional demeanor and an attitude that was so engaging and enlightening. During our multiple interactions over the years, you constantly fed me new information, patiently answered questions, and challenged me to learn more."
-Kevin Strawbridge, President, MAG- Motorcycle Aftermarket Group

"Makes people feel at ease straight away, is extremely knowledgeable with a sharp brain and very much a go-getter. She inspires confidence and is passionate about the task in hand, pretty much a very rounded and seasoned professional."

-Adrian Silcox, Managing Director, Ram Mounts UK
"She had a clear understanding of our business needs and the powersports industry. Jessica proactively provided me with all the resources I needed to offer a better product selection for our customers."
-Brandon Bristol, Buyer, J&P Cycles